Autumn 2020

 Editor's note

The world was a very different place when the Jeep Wagoneer was first unveiled to American consumers. John F Kennedy was President, the world was divided by competing political ideologies, and the environmental movement was a fringe concern still searching for its collective voice. The Wagoneer proved an immediate hit, offering a beguiling blend of rugged looks and a luxurious interior. The Wagoneer remained in production from 1962 until 1991 during which time it became firmly embedded in American automotive culture. And now it is back, some thirty years after the final original ran off the production line. By no means a pastiche, the team at Jeep have wisely drawn on the luxurious interior DNA, which made its forebearer a stand-out. The Wagoneer returns just as other big-name brands are mining the archives to relaunch classic marques. Any designers wondering how best to reinvent an icon should look at Jeep’s effort.

You’ll find some brand spanking new work in this issue too. Interior Motives was lucky enough to visit Rolls-Royce and take a look at the Ghost, which promises a world of “post-opulence” if such a thing is possible with a Roller. Automotive supplier Yanfeng, known for its adventurous interior design concepts, has taken its ideas to a natural conclusion, and come up with an entire car. Still, it is the interior – a mix of sleek screens and smart controllers – that is the real showcase. Volkswagen, too, has a fair share of technology in its ID4, but the onus, as always with the German brand, is on quiet assurance.

Until next time

James McLachlan