Autumn 2020


New car launches were dominated by the fallout from the Beijing Auto Show, but Autumn ushered in new work from across the industry. Interior Motives highlights the most significant cars and concepts from around the world.

Acura MDX prototype

Acura unveiled a pretty much fully-realised MDX interior that set out its luxury aspirations. Primed for launch in 2021, a hand-wrapped leather dash, open-pore wood, and curvaceous quilted seats all feature. “We’re accelerating Acura’s commitment to precision crafted performance and this fourth-generation MDX is the most ambitious and consequential redesign of an Acura core model in our history,” says Jon Ikeda, vice-president, Acura brand office.

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GAC Enpulse concept

Revealed at the Beijing Auto Show, GAC’s Enpulse will test China’s appetite for a pure sports car. Though still at the concept stage, Zhang Fan, GAC’s vice president of R&D, believes this sleek roadster is very close to production. “With traditional, internal combustion sports cars, you have the vibration and the sound that triggers your emotion. So for an EV, how do you create that emotion? We do it visually,” says Zhang.

Building the concept

Jaguar XF

Jaguar has upped the ante with a raft of design changes to the XF. In search of a sportier feel, the new(ish) XF has a wider stance and sharper angles than its predecessor. The grille is wider and features a new mesh, which references the company’s heritage logo. Jaguar has reconfigured the interior to include a new touchscreen and infotainment system.

Renault Megane eVision

Groupe Renault launched a brace of electric vehicles – a new, sleek looking Megane, and a chunky Dacia Spring. The Megane eVision illustrates that Renault views EV as the archetype rather than an opportunity to present a new range. Chunky rear wheel haunches, small windows and an edgy lower bumper section play off against subtle details such as flush door handles and small wing mirrors for a modern, minimalist feel.

Hyundai Tucson

The new Tucson from Hyundai is a fearsome-looking thing characterised by sharp geometries and an intimidating grille to achieve, “unprecedented, bold design aesthetics.” The Tucson was designed using software rather than sketching and drawing and is both longer and wider than its softer forebear. Unprecedented is probably overegging it, but there is certainly enough to suggest this is the beginnings of a new design language for the South Korean brand.