Spring 2021

CnTFactory’s Trend Report

Top 5 colour and trim trends

The CnTFactory looks for innovations and new materials in fields such as architecture, art, fashion, and design. For Spring 2021, the team examines a range of sustainable materials, time-honoured techniques, lighting innovations and art movements. Follow them here for more www.cntfactory.com / Instagram @cntfactory

Wool Bouclé

Bouclé comes from the French word boucler, which means “to curl” and is a heavy textile containing nubby, looped yarn, often in two different shades. Bouclé refers to both the yarn and the fabric made from the yarn. The multi-use textile is known for its interesting visual texture and super-soft comfort.

Wool fibre is best suited to the curling technique. Cotton, linen, and silk can also be treated to achieve the fabric’s texture. Mid-century modern architect and designer Eero Saarinen’s cosy chairs triggered a trend for bouclé fabrics across fashion, couture, and furniture design. Acoustically absorbent, Bouclé fabric’s rugged texture is increasingly popular – tapping into recent self-care trends such as Hygge. Environmental awareness is also driving a shift toward fabric, bringing bouclé further into the spotlight.

Mushroom Leather

MycoWorks uses bacterial fungus mycelium to create Reishi™ – a type of sustainable material that performs like cowhide leather. Grown in a lab, the mycelium cells are finished by traditional tanneries with green, chrome-free chemistry. Reishi™ is used primarily in the fashion industry. The fibrous mycelium materials can be a realistic alternative to petroleum-based plastics,. The developed mycelium-materials are natural polymeric composites (chitin, cellulose, proteins) that require minimum energy for production, and their characteristics can be tuned by modifying their nutrient substrates. This work can pave the way for the controlled growth of a variety of functional mycelium-materials in large amounts with low costs.

Space Exploration 

For as long as humankind has wondered at the stars, space exploration has inspired and challenged scientists and creatives alike. Setting aside Hollywood and its intergalactic blockbusters, we now see a resurgence of space-inspired creativity sparked by the NASA rover landing on Mars. A new crop of 3D artists is exploring dreamy, poetic environments, imagining a future where nature is carefully protected. Some visions are much more pop – saturated with colour and piqued by a sense of humour. Others highlight the feeling of isolation astronauts would experience when contemplating the infinite possibilities of the universe.

Industrial stitching and smart fabrics 

Needleworks – a project by designer Lizzy Stuyfzand – combines smart interfaces with the tactile qualities of upholstery fabrics and industrial stitching. Embroidery is a traditional technique far removed from what we associate with smart devices. However, its textured quality adds tactility to today’s smart devices. Stuyfzand works as a multi-disciplinary designer across textiles, technology, and interiors. Her design process looks at culture, industrial design, technology, and craftsmanship. Coming from an industrial embroidery background, she applies her skillset to complex detailing with a keen eye on translating meticulous design ideas into a feasible product.

Halo Lighting 

Lighting enhances the sensorial experience of space, colour, and perception in any set environment. Now, an emerging trend is elevating lighting to new heights through subtle and hypnotic effects.

By morphing one colour into the next and contrasting against the rest of the space, lighting designers can create a surreal and transcendental experience. Stemming from technological innovations combined with both sensory practices and gradient colours, this exploration of effects can create a unique atmosphere in each space. The result is a dramatic colourful projected halo, giving the illusion of sunset on the wall or emulating the astronomical phenomenon of an eclipse. Either way the effect is graphic, charismatic, and memorable.

Follow them here for more www.cntfactory.com / Instagram @cntfactory