Summer 2020

 Editor's note

Interior Motives magazine has an illustrious history of looking in-depth at the creative work being done in automotive interiors. As the years have passed the interiors of cars have become more important ‑ critical to the success of the vehicle, engagement with the brand and the virtual interface too. With so much going on it continues to surprise me how few publications pay proper attention to the creative work happening inside. 

In this edition of IM, we look at the Renault Morphoz in detail. Launched last year, its shape-shifting form sparked some of the most interesting interiors solutions we have seen in a while, as well as breathtakingly beautiful

colour, material and trim choices. Other concepts we explore include the Tata Sierra, the Polestar Precept and Ford’s ground-breaking Mustang Mach-E production car. You will find the CnTFactory Trend Report to stimulate your imagination and a Noted section, looking at some of the cars and details that have caught our eyes over

recent months.

I am delighted that Interior Motives has had the opportunity to evolve in digital form, opening it up to a new audience online.  The next edition will have a new editor at the helm, one who will continue the best traditions of IM – telling the material, colour, trim, IP, packaging, lighting, audio and HMI development stories through original interviews with – and sketches, renders and photographs by – automotive designers worldwide.