Summer 2021

CnTFactory’s Trend Report

Top 5 colour and trim trends

The CnTFactory looks for innovations and new materials in fields such as architecture, art, fashion, and design. For summer 2021, the team examines a range of innovative sustainable materials from waste, textiles, space tourism-inspired interior design and sculpture Follow them here for more / Instagram @cntfactory

Reminiscent by Pallavi Padukone

Pallavi Padukone is a New York-based textile designer and artist who incorporates fragrance into their hand-weaving and embroidery through natural scent coated and dyed yarn.  
The collection comprises wall hangings, tapestries and room dividers that stimulate a feeling of familiarity playing with six different fragrances each bearing a strong connection with South Indian heritage. 
Padukone explores patterns and geometry, incorporating recycled sari silk in jewelled tones, fragrant vetiver root and organza silk naturally dyed in earth hues. The designer uses only natural and biodegradable materials, coating cotton yarn with filtered beeswax, a tree-based resin, natural pigments to provide colour and pure essential oils for fragrance.

Space Tourism

Recently, a handful of space exploration companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Virgin Galactic have shown their design proposals for interior cabins. Unlike the crammed utilitarian experience of previous and current space missions, these designs clearly intent to cater to the expectations monied space tourists. Adopting a black and white two-tone sci-fi aesthetic familiar from movies like Star Trek or Oblivion, the sterile interior designs are uncluttered by buttons and feature smooth touch controls instead.  
The ultra-thin structured seats are mounted off-floor and feature cutting edge technologies such as 3D printed components, 3D fabrics and, in the case of Virgin, ultra-durable webbing designed by athleisure company Under Armor. In the case of Blue Origin’s New Shepherd, the windows make up a third of the capsule, immersing you in the vastness of space and life-changing views of Earth. Each window is made of multiple layers of fracture-tough transparent material.

Natural waste materials

Waste materials such as eggshells, fruit skins or seagrass are being repurposed, transformed into materials that can be functional but also beautiful. For example, Posidonia is a repurposed Mediterranean sea fibre, naturally shed and transformed into spheres by the movement of the sea. The fibre is being used to natural flooring material benefiting local economies. Berlin design students Lobke Beckfeld and Johanna Hehemeyer-Cürten have created the Sonnett 155 bag made from fruit peels and juice wastes. Another example are the beautiful tiles created by Elaine Yan Ling Ng which are made of eggshell wastes, which, coupled with resin, traps the glazes produced by their decaying process.

Apple Nostalgia

Apple is revisiting its own colourful past with its new iMac, a testament to the forward-looking design they invented 22 years ago with the first-generation iMac. The marketing strategy behind the new iteration of a well-known product surfs the nostalgia mega trend. However, this link to nostalgia also trades on ideas of psychological resilience and optimism, a perfect tonic as we slowly emerge from Covid lockdowns.

Sculpted Patterns

Artist Alice Walton’s work – innumerable pieces of dyed clay enveloping meditative sculptures in subtle patterns and gradients – is a CMF dream, inspiring grain and pattern development and colour combinations. Her art is a world that combines pastels and vibrant earthy tones to evoke the sights of her surrounding environment and travels. The result is an undulating stripes or bold gradients composed with more than 40 colours. Focusing on the meditative qualities of repetition and coupled with the textures created by the thin ribbons of porcelain rippling across the surfaces of her abstract sculptures, the effect created is a very soothing and attractive soft application of colours on an equally softly shaped sculpture. 

Follow them here for more / Instagram @cntfactory