Winter 2021

 Editor's note

Few OEMs have stoked so much controversy in terms of design than BMW’s recent output. The focal point of contention has been the grille, which, it is fair to say, not everyone has loved. However, with cars like the iX, (see Interior Motives Winter 2020) the German marque has been creating innovative and interesting interiors that allied boutique hotel design with hidden tech. So, what to make of the recent i Vision Circular concept? It has laudable aspirations to be a truly sustainable vehicle, but this has seemingly come at the expense of any coherence with the existing model range. 

No such misgivings for Hyundai – the design team behind the Seven, which stole the motor show at Los Angeles in November – has channelled ideas of negative space from influential architect Rem Koolhaas into another standout concept. Evolution is not associated with radical change, and while the Range Rover speaks to the former, the use of materials (ceramic for one) and technical artistry means the MK5 is a significant step forward for a vehicle that all but defines its segment.

And finally, we look at the Mullen Five by Thurner Design – a new design studio founded by Andreas Thurner (he of Rolls-Royce, BMW and Karma Automotive). It is an impressive start for the studio, which launched amid the pandemic, and I am sure we will be hearing more from them. 

Until next time

James McLachlan